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Moved from Seattle to Akron - Visited Friends on the way

I moved from Seattle (Redmond) Washington to Akron, Ohio in late August 2015 in part because I had "cleaned up the west" and thought there may be more sites in the rust belt.

I took 3 weeks to do the drive but should have taken longer and taken more photos. The trip took me to visit friends in Olympia WA, Yamhill OR, Denver CO, Minneapolis and northern MN and Chicago IL as well as family in Lincoln NE (daughter at school) and in Mpls. I rode my bike around the source of the Metolius River in Oregon, drove thru Burns Oregon (where wacko Yahoos took over the wildlife refuge in Feb), camped in Grand Teton National Park, drank beer in Denver and Mpls, went fishing in northern Minnesota, ate BBQ, strange sandwiches and dessert in Chicago as well as doing some "sign seeing". The Photos are the "project" below.