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Enhanced Bioremediation - Chlorinated Solvents

Enhanced bioremediation has been the “darling” of the remediation industry for 10 - 15 years. I started in 1994 at a private site and with the RTDF demonstration project at Dover AFB (1998) which included the first field-scale bioaugmentation. I have done oversight of consultants at several sites and most involved large, recognized firms in the field. I have also done 3rd party review at more than 20 sites; clients usually do not request a review if everything is going well. Smaller consulting firms can likely benefit from my experience.

The 1st example below involved oversight on remediation of 5 plumes by a well known national firm. The next four are projects where I led the design and implementation; one in the UK won an award. The 6th project was a 3rd party review. More information is available on the Additional projects upon request. The last two projects involve a novel approach to low concentration plumes and work on several dry cleaner sites. Citations within the project descriptions are under ABOUT.