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Enhanced Bioremediation - Chlorinated Solvents

Enhanced bioremediation has been the darling of the remediation industry for treating chlorinated solvents for 15+ years. I started in 1994 at a private site and with the RTDF demonstration project at Dover AFB (1998) which included the first field-scale bioaugmentation. I have worked on every aspect from design and implementation to oversight for small to large, recognized firms in the field as well as doing 3rd party review at more than 30 sites. Clients usually do not request a review if everything is going well. Smaller consulting firms can likely benefit from my experience.

The 1st example below involved oversight on remediation of 5 plumes by a well known national firm. The next four are projects where I led the design and implementation; one in the UK won an award. The 6th project was a 3rd party review. The last two projects involve a novel approach to low concentration plumes and work on several dry cleaner sites. Citations in the project descriptions are under ABOUT. The 7th has more brief project descriptions with details available on request.