Leo Lehmicke - Co2 and Water
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Other Compounds - Natural Attenuation/Biodegradation

My projects have involved working with petroleum and petroleum related compounds such as PAHs, as well as non-solvent chlorinated compounds such as pentachlorophenol and pesticides like 2,4-D and hexachlorocyclohexane. Most of those projects were in the distant past. More recently I have worked on emerging compounds (e.g. perchlorate, 1, 4-dioxane) as well as Chromium [VI]. I am currently looking at NDMA and a specialty chemical for which biodegradation has never been observed. If you wish to know about the biodegradation potential of a less common compound, feel free to call.

The project summaries below involve natural attenuation and enhanced bio, as well as “unnatural" attenuation, likely due to other anthropogenic inputs at the site. Citations within the project descriptions are under ABOUT.