Leo Lehmicke - Co2 and Water
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Training and Guidance Development (Nationwide)

The technical evaluation of natural attenuation (NA) of chlorinated solvent plumes began and evolved while I worked at BEAK (1993-1998). By 1996 we (Dave Major, Evan Cox, me) had looked at eight sites and published several “first field observation” papers (see project). We were on an expert panel that reviewed initial NA data for 6 plumes at Hill AFB and reviewed the 1996 draft AFCEE/EPA chlorinated solvent NA guidance document.

I was also a developer and instructor for the RTDF course on NA of chlorinated solvents in groundwater (1997-1999) that was given to over 1200 state and EPA regulators in the 10 EPA regions, and co-sponsored by ITRC. We were on the RTDF review team for the final 1998 EPA guidance document; "Technical Protocol for Evaluating Natural Attenuation of Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater". [RIP Todd W.] This exposure helped me gain credibility with the regulatory community which proved invaluable in later projects (see project "Natural attenuation in Bedrock")