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“We have another Site in the UK…" (United Kingdom, AWARD WINNER)

After successful implementation at a site in Oregon (see Biopolish/Steam under Combined) the client requested help with an active UK facility that was impacted with TCE in the 10 ppm range in 2005. I provided technical support to the same US consultant on the Oregon team in directing a UK consulting firm with site-wide implementation of enhanced bio using Emulsified Vegetable Oil and bioaugmentation. Injection/extraction grids throughout the facility's tightly spaced structures reduced mass in source areas, and perimeter biobarriers controlled offsite migration.

This was the first site in the UK to use bioaugmentation outside of the government sponsored SABRE demonstration project. In order to comply with UK regulations, we also obtained a non-Genetically Modified soybean oil source for the emulsion. The UK consultant and contractor, Entec UK (now AMEC) and Vertase F.L.I., won a 2009 Brownfield Briefing Remediation Innovation Award for Best Use of a Single Remediation Treatment Technique.