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Resolving a Failed ZVI - Enhanced Bio Pilot Test (Southern California)

A small site in southern California is impacted with PCE. A pilot test using a combination of injectable zero-valent iron (ZVI) and electron donor gave very unimpressive results and the client requested a 3rd-party review. Review of pilot test data led to the conclusion that failure was for multiple reasons including inefficient placement of ZVI by the vendor, likely due to particle size and the tight fine-grained geology, and lack of bioaugmentation resulting in incomplete dechlorination to only small amounts of cis-DCE. I produced a mini Feasibility Study evaluating ZVI, enhanced bio and NA to support the site consultant in writing a new Remedial Action Plan for the site.

I have since reviewed data on two nearby sites for the same client. One of the sites involved electrical resistance heating (ERH) and is described in a separate project summary.