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Additional Natural Attenuation Projects (Oregon, Minnesota, British Columbia, North Carolina)

I have evaluated Natural Attenuation to varying degrees at more than 60 different sites. Additional NA projects are listed below with location and contaminant; if interested in any in particular, I can supply a more detailed description. References are under ABOUT section

RCRA Site Oregon (PCE, TCE, TCA, MeCl, BETX) Lehmicke et al 1996

RCRA site - California (TCE, TCA, CT, CF, MeCl, 1,2-DCA) Lehmicke and Mukherjee 1999

Landfill Expansion - Minnesota (TCE, Freons) Barr and Lehmicke 2008

Train derailment - BC (1,2-DCA)

Landfill - California (PCE, TCE, CT, CF, DCP)

Chemical Recycler - Washington (PCE, TCE, TCA, MeCl, acetone)

Rebutting a phony NA argument - California (TCE, TCA)

Vadose NA - N. Carolina (1,2-DCA)