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Additional Enhanced Bioremediation Projects (California, Washington, South Carolina)

I have been involved with more than 50 enhanced bioremediation projects; some I have done myself, many evaluating the feasibility of bio vs another technology, and some as 3rd party review. Additional Enhanced Bio projects are listed below with location and contaminant; I can supply a more detailed description or you can call.

3rd party review: recommend bioaug, additional donor - California (TCE, TCA) - 5th image

Review of consultant’s design; $5M of cost savings – Washington (TCE)

Oversight 6 years after conflicted out – California (TCE) - 3rd image

3rd party review; design, system operation - California (TCE) - 2nd image

Full-scale cometabolic degradation - South Carolina (TCE) - 1st image

3rd party oversight of Bio: 10 years after.... California (TCE, daughters)