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Bioremediation at Several Dry Cleaner Sites (Washington)

Bioremediation was selected as the final polishing step for five dry cleaner sites in the Seattle area and has been applied at two of the sites. PCE concentrations range from very low (100's of ug/l) to DNAPL levels (160,000 ug/l). Daughter products are present at all five sites. Two of the sites are now empty lots but all involve implementation under roads, parking lots and/or buildings. SVE is being performed at the highest concentration site.

One bio implementation used the injection of micro scale zero-valent-iron (ZVI) to both treat PCE and help generate and maintain anaerobic conditions in the source zone for the microbes. Simply lowering a magnet into monitoring wells was sufficient to confirm the micro scale ZVI distribution (see black particles in 2nd photo below).