Leo Lehmicke - Co2 and Water
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Enhanced Bio - No Further Active Remediation (Southern California)

A 200+ acre site had 6 solvent plumes and has been undergoing remediation/redevelopment since 2000. I provided technical support for evaluating NA and enhanced bioremediation. This included reviewing proposals, selecting bioremediation contractors, designing lab tests, reviewing work plans as well as oversight of full-scale implementations. Enhanced bio using emulsified vegetable oil (EVO) with bioaugmentation was implemented on three TCE plumes (Baross et al. 2007). No Further Active Remediation (NFAR) letters have been received for all three.

A large pilot-scale recirculation design using lactate was successful in treating high concentrations in a 4th TCE plume in 15 months. Enhanced bioremediation, ERH and DPE were also evaluated in a plume with DNAPL levels of TCE and methylene chloride (DCM). Enhanced bioremediation was implemented in late 2009 on the TCE plume where it did not overlap with the high inhibitory concentrations of DCM.